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Payless Tax Service


Offering tax preparation with no out-of-pocket expense. Receive your refund within 14 to 21 days.

Preparation requirements

You will need:

• A valid picture ID • printed W-2 forms • valid social security number for yourself and all dependents • valid tax return filed through a tax preparer to the IRS

Refund anticipation check

Let your refund pay for your tax preparation - no up-fron mony required. Pick up a cashier's check in the office normally in 8 - 15 days from IRS acceptance. Loan app. fee $40.00

Refund Processing Transfer

Refund deposited in persoanl bank account in 8 - 15 days from IRS acceptance. Can also include State Refund for $11.00 Loan app. fee $40.00

Electronic Filing

Receive your refund normally in 18 - 21 days after IRS acceptance. Check issued by IRS - mailed to you. IRS can directly deposit refund into your bank account.

Post Office Mailing

You mail yoiur return after preparation to the IRS. Most refunds received in six to eight weeks after IRS acceptance. Check issued by IRS and mailed to you or deposited directly into your bank account.

Customer Refund Options

No up-front money required. Loan app. fee $40.00

Refund anticipation loan

Not offered at this time.

Tying Cost

• Type resumes: $20.00 and up.
• Type applications: $20.00 and up.
• Type reports: $15.00/hr
• Printing cost: $3.00

Will work from emailed documents.